ShowHouse Santa Fe 2017

A community of established Santa Fe interior designers gathered in a unique design show house collaborative benefitting the non-profit organization Dollars4Schools based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Santa Fe Interior Designers Co-Founders of this Interior Design Venue are Jennifer Ashton, Allied ASID and David Naylor of David Naylor Interiors. 



Jennifer Ashton

Interiors inspired by art creates an emotional connection for Jennifer and today it has become her signature in design.  A former owner of two successful home & gourmet boutiques in Los Angeles and Orange County, CA for 15 years, She credits her unique style and creative transition into the interior design world from her imaginative merchant background, highlighting commissions of high-style gifts for Warner Bros. and the corporate world.  Her design roots grew out of her frequent trips into Downtown Los Angeles when she was a young girl tagging along with her mom in the garment district in search of fashion lines for her mother's boutiques in Los Angeles.
Today she is submersed in the interior design world soaking in the artistic surroundings of Santa Fe with a passion and sensitivity for her clients residential and commercial projects. Creating spaces with a sense of drama and unique combinations of traditional and contemporary elements Jennifer enjoys all types of aesthetics and avoids labeling personal style for what is simply unique and fabulous!  As an Allied Member of ASID and degrees in Liberal Arts and Interior Design, she credits her creativity from world travel and a multi-cultural background and artful upbringing.  Originally from Southern California she has made Santa Fe her home for over 15 years.