ShowHouse Santa Fe 2017

A community of established Santa Fe interior designers gathered in a unique design show house collaborative benefitting the non-profit organization Dollars4Schools based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Santa Fe Interior Designers Co-Founders of this Interior Design Venue are Jennifer Ashton, Allied ASID and David Naylor of David Naylor Interiors. 


My sculpture is inspired by nature and originates from the multitude of shapes and textures found in the natural world.  I do not try to recreate these natural objects, but rather use them as a springboard to inspire my own organic work.  For instance, I might appreciate the curve of a seedpod or the relationship between two bones lying on the ground, which then becomes the basis of a piece.  Ultimately, I create the sculptures so they relate to nature rather than mimic it.
Since moving to New Mexico, over twenty years ago, the way I perceive color and use it in my work has evolved.  In the high desert, color comes in intense bursts and punctuates the landscape rather than dominates it. Color is now a key element of my sculptures, which I use to enhance the whole, much like a cactus becomes even more visually striking when in full bloom.
Similar to the way paintings or photographs enhance an interior room, the addition of sculpture to a garden compliments the hardscape and plants, thereby completing the outdoor space. Because my ceramic sculpture is formed from clay and so closely tied to nature, the garden is often the perfect place to view my work.
Santa Fe Bamboo, the sculpture visible upon entering the gates of the estate, sets the stage for all the wonderful rooms that await inside the house.  It is a statement triptych, glazed with a combination of sophisticated bronze, white, and playful color.
Several small sculptures can also be found nestled among the plants in the sunken garden below the master bedroom balcony.