ShowHouse Santa Fe 2017

A community of established Santa Fe interior designers gathered in a unique design show house collaborative benefitting the non-profit organization Dollars4Schools based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Santa Fe Interior Designers Co-Founders of this Interior Design Venue are Jennifer Ashton, Allied ASID and David Naylor of David Naylor Interiors. 


Edy Keeler

Beyond creating handsome spaces, what I hope to do with my clients is make a difference in the success of their businesses or personal lives. I want them to be able to answer “yes” to these questions:  Has a reconfigured, beautiful kitchen enabled your busy family and friends to enjoy cooking and eating together? Has a redesigned store or professional office delivered a better customer experience, boosted staff morale, and led to increased sales? Design can really do that. It’s not just the beauty of the project, but whether it meets your needs, and makes a real difference.Ideas and aesthetics from sources within and outside my interior design background give me juice. Big influences are from experiences in operating three other design businesses: clothing design and manufacturing, specialty book design and production, and a building finishes supply company. Greatly different, but very instructive experiences in color, design, and life.